Who is it for?

The FC2 is for:
  • People who want to protect themselves and their partners from unintended pregnancy and STIs, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Women, men, MSM, transmen, transwomen and youth
  • Women who are menstruating or who have recently given birth or who have had a hysterectomy
The FC2 can be used:
  • Any time the mood strikes!
  • For vaginal sex and anal sex!
It’s also for those who:
  • Have partners who cannot or will not use male condom
  • Have (or their partner has) erectile dysfunction
  • With latex allergies
  • Don’t like condoms or who can’t find condoms that fit

Only FDA approved for vaginal sex HOWEVER:
SFDPH recommends it as a harm reduction tool for anal sex.


The FC2 is unique because it is the only condom available in the U.S. that is worn internally and it can often be in the control of the receptive partner. This may encourage conversations about condom use and can allow the receptive partner to be in control of THEIR OWN sexual health.

Do you have a hot date tonight?

Do you think you might hook up with somone at the club?

Are you working and you know your client doesn’t want to wear a condom?

The FC2 can allow you to plan ahead and make sure that YOU are protected because can be inserted up to six hours ahead of sexual intercourse.