The FC2 Condom protects you against HIV/AIDS, other STIs and unintended pregnancies by forming a barrier between the penis and the vagina, cervix, or anus as well as covering part of the external genitalia. If used correctly and consistently it offers similar protection as a traditional male condom. It has a lot of amazing benefits:

  • Since it is worn INSIDE, the FC2 is not dependent on the penis being erect! This coul mean less interruptions.
  • The nitrile doesn’t deteriorate in humidity or heat!
  • The material warms up to your body temperature and adheres to your inside, which helps keep it from slipping in and out.

The FC2 was designed to make it more affordable than the original FC1 condom, while maintaining the high quality and reliability.

  • The effectiveness of the FC2 was studied by comparing FC2 performance to FC1, the studies showed FC2 to be comparable to FC1.
  • These assessments include preclinical safety studies of the new material and a direct comparison study evaluating efficacy in terms of failure rates (rips, tears and slippage).
  • Certain other studies have shown that having the female condoms available allows women and men to access more prevention options.
  • Has passed a stringent technical review process conducted by WHO including safety, quality and clinical data