The National Female Condom Coalition (NFCC) was created in response to the lack of FC awareness, acceptance, and access among communities at risk and the providers who serve them.

The 2009 FDA approval of the second generation female condom (FC2) gave providers and advocates of HIV/STD prevention and reproductive health the rare opportunity to re-introduce this highly effective safer sex tool to women, men and transpersons.  San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Baton Rouge and Atlanta have developed new or enhanced existing community-based FC projects.  To maximize local impact and generate widespread support, these jurisdictions formalized collaboration with approximately 50 agency partners. The engagement of FC programs and diverse stakeholders enabled the development of a Coalition solely dedicated to advancing FCs as a prevention tool with a coordinated national advocacy agenda to: bridge family planning and HIV/STI prevention movements; gain FDA approval for FC anal use; improve branding/marketing of FCs to increase appeal among broader audiences; promote research-supported effective FC education; and increase FC affordability.



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