The Female Health Company owns certain rights to the FC2 Female Condom. FC2 is a revolutionary, female-initiated option offering women dual protection against sexually transmitted infections (S.T.I.’s), including HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancy.   FHCO currently has the only female condom (FC2)  which is both approved by FDA and cleared for purchase by WHO. 

FC2 is the second generation female condom to FC1. FC2 was developed to take the place of FC1, providing the same safety and efficacy during use, but at a lower cost. The effectiveness of FC2 was studied by comparing FC2 performance to FC1, the studies showed FC2 to be comparable to FC1. Certain other studies have shown that having the FC female condom available allows women and men to access more prevention options and results in an increase in protected sex acts and a decrease in STIs, including HIV/AIDS.

FC2 has high acceptability among both men and women in many countries. FC2 has the same design and instructions for use as the original FC female condom. The material has been changed to improve affordability, while maintaining the high quality, reliability and features of FC1. FC2’s sheath, with its outer ring, is made from a synthetic nitrile.  The inner ring aids insertion and helps to secure the device in place during intercourse while the softer outer ring remains outside the vagina. Insert FC2 prior to sexual intercourse to provide protection against HIV/AIDS, other STIs and unintended pregnancies.

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