Become a San Francisco FC2 Distributor

Providers have the unique opportunity to give patients and clients information and products to improve their health. If you are located in San Francisco, we invite you to be part of our FC2 Movement so that your clients can have access to free FC2s.

We need you! The years of trial and error with the FC has shown that in order for it to be used (and used correctly), training and education is key!

If you are interested in getting FREE FC2 condoms for your clients, you can become an FC2 Distributor by completing 3 steps: (for a PDF version of these instructions click here: Instructions for Online FC2 Training Registration)

1. Register for our on-line provider FC2 Training Course: Click HERE


This link will take you to a login screen that looks like this, where you will see “Create Learner Account” (highlighted in the picture on the left)

Please click on Create Learner Account


You will be directed to a screen called “Select Organization” (see image on left).

Please enter the following “Organization Code”: SFDPHSTD then click Next





You will be directed to a screen called “Create a New Account” Please enter your account Information.

For your USER NAME: please use your initials and the name
of the agency/venue that you work for
(example: John Smith from City Clinic – username: JScityclinic)

After completing the registration, we will approve your request and let you know when you can start taking the training.

2. After completing the on-line training, you will be provided with an account on our website (We will send you your login information via e-mail)

3. Order FREE Fc2 condoms for your venue, to be distributed FREE of charge to your clients. You will also have access to outreach materials and instructions that can be edited to meet your clients’ needs!

You are not alone, we have a large group of venues already participating in our FC2 Program. If you want to find out who the current FC2 Distributors are here in San Francisco, you can also access a list here: San Francisco FC2 Distributors