What we’ve done so far…

Let’s have a look at the details of the San Francisco Campaign:
  • It was funded by a grant from M.A.C. AIDS Fund, most of the money has been used to purchase FC2s for all San Franciscans
  • Launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011
  • Ads have been displayed on MUNI buses and trains
  • Community Collaborations with HIV Prevention agencies, women’s clinics, youth service providers, coffee shops, sex clubs etc. have resulted in widespread promotion and distribution
  • In-Service trainings (the training you are now taking) educates providers about the benefits of the FC2
  • FREE FC2s are available to any San Francisco venue that has taken this training!!!

These are our FC2 Campaign Posters

We, at SFDPH, have expanded on existing services, such as HIV/STD testing, screening, education, outreach, counseling, and always look for new and novel prevention ideas. We have also focused our social marketing and educational efforts to reach those most at risk.

Based on feedback from recent FC2 users, we have ascertained that the best way to maximize the pleasurable experience of the FC2 is to understand how it works. We have trained clinics, youth service organizations, community-based organizations, women-specific agencies, gay men’s health providers, sex clubs, coffee shops and barber shops to name a few, on how to effective promote the FC2 to their patients and clients. There are multiple venues in San Francsico that have FREE FC2′s available for individuals (click here for a map and listings). You can also contact us to find out how to get them delivered to your community venue or group.